Using Technology TO
Change the way the world Cares


Are you a carer? You’ll know just how difficult caring for someone can be, often a full-time and difficult task, carers provide in the region of £119 billion of support each year, 87% of carers say that caring for someone has a negative impact on their own health; that’s quite a price to pay for looking after a loved one.

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We at Nic’s Legacy are running a campaign, one of those awareness raising social media type campaigns to try and change society (yes, we realise it’s a huge ask) to somewhere that people realise it’s OK and very acceptable to ask for help, and not leaving it until they reach crisis point. It’s a simple message, one that we believe is ideal for a social media campaign.

A cloud based platform designed to lessen the day-to-day burden of caring for someone or being cared for. Enabling better communication, planning & scheduling of the informal healthcare network.