Looking like me again!

Looking like me again!  Sounds strange that I am saying this now, 2 years after finishing chemo and at least a year since I had a decent amount of hair.   The big differences are that I have a [...]

Going public…

Chronic illness and mental issues are often symbiotic So why am I writing this blog? I’ve asked myself that several times over the last week as I struggled to put words on paper opening up [...]

How #notwaving was born!

We wanted a way to create Nic’s Legacy, keep her memory alive, to give us something positive to do, and create a change, lessen the burden using everyday technology. So Louise said let’s run a [...]

2-year anniversary

Dear Nic, I’m coming up to my 2-year anniversary.  2 years since I went for my 1st routine mammogram. I hadn’t thought about it until now that my appointment was on 13th. For many, the 13th is [...]